Get PNG flags with ease

This service hosts a directory with a host of pride flags.[name].png

Built for Pronouny
using the work of Pride-Flags

Pronouny is a new service for sharing personal pronouns with friends. Users can create accounts and add their pronouns. They can connect with their friends and recieve alerts when their friends pronouns change. It is entirely open source and permissively licensed. Pronouny is being built as a student project with no outside funding.

This service will allow users on Pronouny to easily select pride flags to feature on their profiles.

The flags used are pulled directly from "pride-flags" on DeviantArt. They have been renamed and are hosted on more reliable infrastructure. They will gradually become available in SVG format.


Here are some examples of the service. All flags are located at /flags/[name].png. If there are multiple versions of a flag, they will be marked using [name]-2.png, [name]-3.png, and so on. Most flags are 5:3.